This website is still under development. But here are some usefull links in the mean time:

Small Web Porfolio:

Around The Earth - TimelineJS, sheets of media-rich information indexed in a chronological order. Content is easily managed using a Google spreadsheet. It can be embedded from using the generator on timeline.verite.co or downloaded to be installed on a server from github.
HTML, Javascript, Google Spreadsheet

PTFlashCMS - A demo of a CMS to maintain the content of a flash website.
PHP, MySQL, Flash (AS2.0)

www.miveda.nl (Dutch) - Static website for a freelance handy man. Someone else made the design in photoshop, I transfered it to a website.

www.rinaldorozenberg.com - Rinaldo designed this as his portfolio. He needed help with converting it to a website which I ended up doing. A realy good looking concept I reckon, only it might be a bit difficult for visitors to discover the buttons in his letters.
HTML, JavaScript

www.tobvangeenen.nl - My brothers company website. Rinaldo designed, I translated to a website and added code for the contact form.

digital address book (Dutch) - An online free to use digital address book. Probably noone uses it, not even myself (maybe in the future), but I put a lot of effort in it. I combined a lot of different programming languages together to make this nifty thing work. It looks clearly and is easy to use. To test it you can login as user: 'example' with the password 'try'
PHP, Flash, JavaScript, MySQL

My previous personal homepage (Dutch) - Small, black and white, but nice looking I reckon. The lightning in the background is randomly created by a script I designed in actionscript.
Flash (AS2.0)

Sourceforge Projects:

PTKaraoke - Free Karaoke player for *.kar files.
C++ builder, OpenGL

PTSleep - The oposite of an alarm, play some nice music and let this program fade it down after a certain time. After fading it can shut down or standby your PC. There is a windows version with a GUI. For linux users a script is available.
C++ builder, Linux Scripting

Other Projects:

AnHeli - An Android Helicopter game
Java, OpenGL ES

PTPanoramaViewer - Flash panorama viewer
Flash, ActionScript 3.0

Computer Systems - Articles on building your own PC

Donations (PayPal):


Internet Marketing - Another form of income.

www.freedomain.co.nr - Free domain name (.co.nr)

Contact Information:

Contact Form - If you feel you need to: use this form to get in touch with me.

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* the pencil...where a lot began