Internet Marketing

A growing thing on the internet is Internet Marketing, more specific: Affiliate Marketing. Not long ago people were walking door to door trying to sell vaccuumers. As some people were very good at it, they couldn't reach that many people as trough the internet. And let's face it, there is a lot of money in advertising. Some claimed to have earned millions of dollars in just a few years.

Now the idea of being an affiliate publisher or advertiser is to earn money by promoting certain products or services to people. This has nothing to do with spam, not by mail nor trough any channel. Promoting things means you have to be a lot more personal.

If you need to promote things personal, it'd better be something you stand for. Since I'm unemployed at the moment of writing I thought: "Let's try to find some of these products and see if I can promote them."

Good deals

  • 1&1 Web Hosting - If you want a website, this is a good place to host it. I've had an account for just the domain for a year because their price was reasonable. I was a bit deciefed though, I thought I needed to pay only once, but it appeared to be a yearly fee. A good thing about 1&1 is their support, it is very fast, and good. When I needed help to set things up, they replied by mail on a support request within a couple of hours. You can also phone them for live support. Later on I decided to register for a hosting package. I have a 1&1 Home Package now with two domain names, 150 GB (!) space, and email. This costs USD 7 a month. If you sign up for a 2 year contract you'll get the first year free. There are some setup costs though. You can also sign up for just an email account for just USD 1 a month.
  • Heliohost - Here's an alternative if you just want to try things out on the internet. It's free! The only disadvantage is that you have to log in at the cPanel every month. Otherwise your account gets removed.
  • Webs - If you're not into the technical stuff, here you can host a website easily choosing from templates and altering them. This is a free service where you get an alias domain name (like Because it's free you'll get a banner on your site. You can always try it, and go for a paid account later without the banner and with a top-domain name. See for an example

  • Computer Upgrade

  • Gaming System Upgrade (Around $515 US) - A selection of computer parts with balanced price and performance.

  • Mini RC Helicopters

    I wrote a website with information on mini remote controlled helicopters. The address is:

    An example AdSense box:

    * the pencil...where a lot began