A flash panorama viewer.


  • Load external image file
  • Preloader
  • Auto scroll
  • Scroll on mouse over
  • Example

    Here is an example from above the cliffs north of Coogee Beach - Sydney - Australia.


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  • Flash movie: PTPanoramaViewer.swf
  • Source: PTPanoramaViewer.fla
  • (Right-click the desired link and select "Save link as")


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    Stitching / Merging / Blending images together

    The image in this example was created with Hugin, a SourceForge project. See for more information. The program does a lot automatically and is the website has a handy tutorial to get you started.

    License agreement

    This software is legally only free to use on a personal basis. For commercial purposes please contact me with this form.

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